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About Us

On behalf of our entire church family, welcome to Restoration House!

Myself and so many others here love to be involved in the church and find it very filling to be a part of the ministries that go on here- to serve where our strengths and skills best fit within the Church. This church has been around for over 10 years now, and thanks to God’s blessing upon it, it has grown substantially since it’s conception. We are grateful to God for each new week we can worship together as a body of Believers.


There are many different beliefs and ideas floating around the church circles these days, but here at Restoration House we believe in preaching the Word of God unapologetically and we encourage the development of genuine disciples of Christ Jesus. We are all about the passionate worship and praise of our LORD and Saviour Jesus Christ as well as believing in and participating in the power of prayer. We firmly believe in the unashamed proclamation of the Gospel of Christ Jesus and its power to save through His atoning work on the cross.


We strive to make Restoration House a welcoming and friendly place where anyone can be free to ask questions and receive answers based on the written Word of God. This is a church that loves God, loves each other, and loves others, and we trust that you will feel that warmth as soon as you enter the doors of the church. Thank you for joining us in worship today, and please don’t be afraid to come and talk to me after the service as I love to get to meet new people!


I trust you’ll be encouraged through your time here, and if God is leading you in our direction, we would love to have you join us again next week!


You are loved! God is able!

-Pastor Paul Cochrane Servant of Christ Jesus

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