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About Us


On behalf of our entire church family, welcome to Restoration House!

I know my family as well as so many others from our church absolutely love being a part of the amazing work God is doing in and through us! God has called Restoration House Swift Current into existence and it is our passion and commitment to glorify Him, to know Him, and to enjoy Him forever.

There are so many competing ideas floating around the church-world these days regarding what a church is all about. I want you to know that at Restoration House we encourage the development of mature, sold-out, active, followers of Jesus Christ. We are all about passionate praise and worship of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, preaching the authority of the Word of God without compromise, believing in and practicing the power of prayer, as well as declaring the Gospel of Jesus Christ without shame to those around us.

I believe Restoration House is an inviting, and trustworthy place for you to investigate the truths of Jesus Christ. You can ask questions and find answers based on God’s Word. And you can find others like yourself who are excited about learning and growing in Christ. If you sense God leading you in this direction, please feel more than free to join us next Sunday. At the conclusion of the service, please come say hello and meet my wife Carol and I, as we would love to meet you.

God is Able!

- Pastor Rob Winslow

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