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Leadership Secretary

I was born into a family of faith and a community that was loving and supportive. I was baptised as an infant and received my religious instruction not only in the home but at school as well, primarily through school religion classes. My family were supporters and regular church attenders.

In my early 20’s I was transferred to Ontario as a single man. It was there I chose to commit to the Lord and an interest in the bible began as well as fellowship with other believers. I also fell in love with Lesley, my first wife, who was a non- believer. We dated, attended church together and participated in instructions that lead to her baptism and our marriage.

Lesley and I transferred to Regina and that is where we started our family eventually adopting a son James and daughters Erin and Amy. We were involved in our local church and attended regularly. Our adopted family came with challenges, mental illness and previous abuse. These challenges caused chaos and discord in our home and marriage. We were overwhelmed by problems. How did our desire to adopt children which in itself is a good Christian response hurt so much? Our children were involved with police, incarceration, running away, problems at school and sexual abuse.

There was nowhere to turn. Are the problems with the children genetic or because of past abuse, will they grow out of it? There is no where to turn but to the Lord!

I turned to the Lord for the strength just to make it through the day and to give my wife strength to deal with the children while I was out working as a Realtor.

I believe in prayer because it is prayer and God’s mercy that gave me the strength to pick up the pieces time and again, to go on. God has given me the strength, to deal with the death of a spouse, remarriage and children that have chosen regrettably to go their own way. Prayer an ongoing communication with God is essential in my life.

I have chosen to be baptised. I have also remarried. Irene and I have been blessed to see healing and restored relationships with our remaining children. God is amazing.




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