Family Groups



We aren’t just a church with Family groups, we are a church of Family groups!

Family Groups are the heartbeat of our church, and they are where you get to experience being part of a spiritual family. We firmly believe that being the church means far more than just attending a worship service once a week. Being the church means being part of a spiritual family that cares for one another, supports one another, encourages one another, prays for one another, and most of all loves one another. Being the church happens best when you are an active part of a Family Group.

There are many different family groups meeting every week, in and around Swift Current, on a variety of days, at a variety of times. We believe that family groups should not be cliquey, and should always have an “open chair” for individuals and couples who desire to join. 

For more information, or if you would like to be part of a Restoration House Family Group, please contact Pastor Rob or Amy Holderbein, or fill out our online application below.

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